Living In Lockwood

Lockwood initially bordered an Indian reservation, but the arrival of settlers in the 1800s put an end to the Indian way of life. Cows replaced buffalo and Captain Lockwood, the eventual town’s namesake, camped in these hills, fighting Indians and surveying the land for the federal government. Despite its humble beginnings, Lockwood has managed to put itself on the map in recent years.

Today, Lockwood is a suburb of Billings, MT and one of the fastest growing areas in the state. There has been some discussion about annexing this community onto Billings, but it does not look like plans for this will be carried forward. Instead, this unincorporated community has been discussing new plans and zoning regulations with the City of Billings as well as Yellowstone County. Lockwood residents are working together to become incorporated as an official municipality. This group effort for incorporation is just one example of the sense of camaraderie and community found in Lockwood, MT.

Life in Lockwood

This relatively small area (about 13 square miles) is popular for its scenery, short commute to Billings, and the availability of reasonably priced housing. Lockwood’s cost of living comes in just below the national average. With a median housing value of around $150,000, this area is as affordable as it is beautiful. Lockwood has the perfect combination of clear blue skies, tall, leafy trees, and smooth green grass. Lockwood is also home to several schools and churches. The close-knit community that can be found in Lockwood is readily apparent in these particular institutions, with very active PTA and volunteer groups that are open to everyone.

Real Estate in Lockwood

Like most of the homes in Yellowstone County, the real estate in Lockwood includes two or three car garages in each home. The large driveways and garages provide plenty of space to store campers and other outdoor equipment. Many outdoor enthusiasts choose to live in Lockwood because of its proximity to hiking, fishing, snowmobiling, and camping sites. The available activities change with the seasons, so there is never a dull moment.

Interestingly, many Lockwood residents choose to have gravel instead of grass for part of their lawns and driveways. This reduces upkeep during the snowy season. The homes in Lockwood have larger lot sizes that much of the other real estate for sale in Billings. This extra space appeals to pet owners as well as families with small children. There are also vacant lots available for purchase. These spots are prime real estate for a custom built homes. There are excellent builders in the area, ensuring that any new construction or renovations to existing properties will go off without a hitch. By all accounts, this eastern suburb of Billings is a great place to live. The community atmosphere and beautiful scenery is hard to beat. If this sounds like the location of your family’s next home, call or email me today. I would be happy to talk you through your options as well as show you some Lockwood properties in person.